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Who We Are


An opportunity driven and adaptable organization that provides “WOW” products.


We are a customer focused organization committed to Quality People, Products, and Processes.


Integrity, Respect, Accountable, Adaptable, Quality Driven, Innovative, Empowerment, Teamwork., Safety, Trustworthy

Respect & Dignity Policy

We believe in the worth and dignity of every person, and encourage a work environment of respect and professionalism. Every employee will be treated with Respect and Dignity, and will be expected to operate under these same guidelines within the workplace. Showing respect is reflected not only by the words you choose, but by your tone and body language. To reflect an atmosphere of Respect and Dignity for all, good communication is required. Also, treating everyone like responsible adults, and following through on what was agreed upon.

Employees should feel they can come to work without fear of being belittled, mocked, being the subject of malicious gossip, or enduring public disclosure of private information. This allows everyone the freedom to focus on work, and getting the job done right.